Good Beer Week Hop Garden: 27th Feb-9th March

Calling beer novices, craft lovers and everything in between! Federation Square and more specifically Beer DeLuxe is about to be transformed into a hoppy paradise. Given our local hop farmers are gearing up for their annual harvest, there is no better time than to get yourselves along to the Good Beer Week Hop Garden and learn more about one of the most magical flowers in the universe!

Hops not only impart wonderful aromatics and act as a balancing act to the malty sweetness in beer, but they also very cleverly, act as a natural preservative in beer. That’s correct, no sulphur dioxide and no nasty, right-between-the-eyes headaches.

Details can be found below… and while you’re in town, it’s a great excuse to pop into a few stores and check out the new Autumn/Winter collections which are hitting the shelves as we speak. Judging from a quick window shop recently, I am definitely planning to add a long grey coat, like this one from Country Road, and some groovy denim flares, courtesy of Witchery, to my wardrobe in the coming weeks! Hoppy shopping!

Good Beer Week Hop Garden

Taking place at the 2015 Festival Hub, Beer DeLuxe at Federation Square, the Hop Garden is a free activation that offers an insight for craft beer novices and beer lovers alike into how hops help add flavour, aroma and bitterness to beer.

Free masterclasses and education sessions will be open to the public in the pop-up Good Beer College classroom on both weekends.

The journey of hops from paddock to pot will also be demonstrated via interactive hop garden displays and, of course, the finished product: beer available onsite at the Beer Deluxe Hop Garden bar.

The Hop Garden outdoor bar will be pouring a selection of hoppy brews, including those from Boatrocker, Feral Brewing, Mountain Goat and Holgate. These beers can be sampled alone or alongside each other in tasting paddles and are presented with tasting notes explaining how the different hops in each contribute to their unique flavours and aromas.

Beers available for tasting are:

  • Holgate Brewhouse Pilsner (European Hops)
  • Boatrocker Smash (Australian)
  • Mountain Goat Summer Ale (New Zealand)
  • Feral Hop Hog (USA)


20th February, 2015


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