Boilermaker House opens in Melbourne

To many people’s surprise, I pretty much only drink beer… no wine and occasionally champagne. I do however, enjoy the odd shot of spirit to accompany my beer. I love the challenge of finding the perfect combination, the deliberative process of whether to complement or contrast my beer/spirit combo and the collaboration with the bartender on what they think is going to take my beer experience to a higher level. After all, the priority for me is the beer! It wasn’t until recently, that I found out that this concept, the one I thought was unique to me, was a thing! A thing called a Boilermaker which traditionally was the partnering of beer with a side of whisky. This thing, this Boilermaker, now has an entire space dedicated to the art of beer with a side order of whisky.

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The team behind Eau de Vie has opened Boilermaker House: a craft beer and whisky venue with a dedicated cured meats and cheese bar…

Boilermaker House has opened its doors to the Melbourne public in late last week. The 4th venue in Sven Almenning’s Speakeasy Group portfolio (Eau de Vie: Sydney and Melbourne, The Roosevelt, Sydney) sees Almenning once again partnering up with Greg Sanderson (co-owner and general manager of Eau de Vie Melbourne). This time, the pair has stepped away from a cocktail-heavy venue and are sharing some of their other great passions with the Melbourne drinking community: malt whisky & craft beer.

“The craft beer side is definitely more Sanderson’s forte than mine”, offers Sven Almenning, founder of the Speakeasy Group and a well-known whisky fiend. “When we first opened Eau de Vie in Sydney five years ago, we kicked off with some 200 whiskies on the back bar. We doubled this to some 400 whiskies when Eau de Vie opened in Melbourne, we have some 700 malt whiskies on the back bar at Boilermaker”.

In addition to this temple of malt whisky, Boilermaker also has a strong focus on craft beers, with twelve rotating tap beers and another 50 brews available by the can or bottle.

The team is also very excited about their custom-built cured meats and cheese bar. The four-metre long marble top bar comes with a large cured meats display and a selection of over 25 cured meats and nearly 30 cheeses for guests to choose from, all of which are available to order by weight.

There is also a small dining area at the back of the venue serviced by a full kitchen. “Although the menu will be largely driven by meat, to fit with our whisky and craft beer focus”, says Sanderson, “there is also a small selection of vegetarian and seafood driven dishes”.

“Boilermaker House is set to be a fun yet sophisticated, blues filled bar with a killer selection of booze,” Sanderson sums up, adding that they’ve not completely given up on cocktails either. “Great cocktails and great service is what we’re known for, so we’ve complied a short list of killer cocktails of definitive Eau de Vie standard, all of it of course, delivered with the same fun and flair that we’ve become known for at Eau de Vie.”

The venue itself has the capacity to entertain 200 guests with on-street outdoor seating for approximately 24 guests. There are comfortable booths to enjoy the company of friends in smaller groups of 6 – 8, as well as communal tables, a private dining space, a large bar to stare down your favorite bottle and soak up the bartenders knowledge, a restaurant area, plus the dedicated meat and cheese bar to pull up a bar stool at.

The venue operates under the supervision of Greg Sanderson and Jack Sotti (ex Eau de Vie manager and Melbourne bartending personality), who bring with them a wealth of hospitality experience from all across the globe.


The Boilermaker is a drinking tradition of matching a beer to a whisky, and imbibing simultaneously creating a drinking experience greater than the sum of it’s parts. You guessed it – Boilermaker House has an extensive list of suggestions of exactly this. With 700 whiskies, 12 tap beers and over 70 bottled beers, the possibilities are endless. There is also a small selection of cocktails, a great selection of wine focusing mainly on red’s, whisky and beer flights and unique group beer and whisky serves.



209 – 211 Lonsdale St

Melbourne VIC 3000



25th June, 2015


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