Beer & Pizza gets crafty

There’s no denying that beer and pizza are a great combo, the crisp carbonation of beer works a treat at cutting through the gooey cheesiness that must exist in order for a pizza to be a pizza! The term gourmet has been lavished on pizza for years now and it’s pretty rare to find any decent pizza place offering only your supremes, Hawaiians or the classic surf n turf.

These days it’s all about roasted pumpkin, pine nuts and feta or prosciutto, rocket and gorgonzola. Whilst pizza has evolved, we certainly know that beer has also evolved and there is a beer to perfectly partner any mélange of ingredients that make their way onto a well tossed pizza base!

Pizza Capers have partnered with some good beer folk and have developed a range of beery options to perfectly partner their gourmet pizza menu.

Check out the nine recommendations in Australia’s Best Craft Beer & Pizza Pairing Guide. Pizza for dinner anyone….




5th March, 2015


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