Mountain Goat: Hightail Ale

Amber Embers / Comfort: Saba boyfriend Jeans + Bonds white T-shirt/ Buffalo Tales: Amsterdam / Peter Gerasimon

There are certain things in each of our lives that make us feel safe, the security in knowing that the earth is still spinning and all is in balance. Your mother’s hugs, walking through your front door, the warmth of a fire. I am also incredibly reassured by the Mountain Goat Hightail Ale. Life is out of kilter if the fridge is void of one of my favourite go-to beers. It’s by no means a safe beer, instead offering comfort, wrapping around you like a welcome cashmere blanket on a cool evening. Rich toffee aromatics, laced with delicate grassy hop characters, tied together with a wonderful earthiness on the palate, provide a caring reassurance.

Whilst being considered, it’s not try-hard. Well-worn Saba boyfriend jeans, an oversize Bonds white tee and leopard print Senso slip ons… flats… barefeet, this brew is not high heels.

It’s elegant, comfortable in its simplicity… a rich, yet gentle voice and a guitar. Wes Carr, Buffalo Tales. A beautiful Australian landscape, painted after the rain, Peter Gerasimon


Photos by Tania Gray


12th May, 2014


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