Little Creatures: Return of the Dread

Again and Again / Georgia Alice cropped flares / Senso lace up ballet flats / Cameo Collective warm water top / Sugar Man: Rodriguez & Yolanda Be Cool/DCUP

Everyone loves a good sequel but boy oh boy, if the follow up to your favourite literary, dramatic, or cinematic work doesn’t live up to expectation, doesn’t do justice to the original or fails to build on a great start, then expect outrage, uproar and turmoil.

Sequels can often end in major disappointment. My first heart-sinking moment was walking out of Grease 2… an Australian Danny just doesn’t cut it and Michelle Pfeiffer was just too… well, you know. The Matrix Reloaded was never going to be able to build on the revolutionary visual effects and unfortunately took an already complex story line and turned it into something confusing and plain difficult to keep up with. Such. A. Shame.

That’s not to say all follow ups end in disaster. More often than not, it does happen when the next in line truly outshines the predecessor and oh, what a glorious moment that is. How could they make it better than the first; where would they possibly improve on perfection? The general consensus is that The Empire Strikes Back was definitely the greatest ever in the epic Star Wars series. Toy Story 2 (yes, Toy Story 2) gave even more life and depth to Buzz Lightyear, Woody and we all yearned for more of the devotion and romance of Mr & Mrs Potato Head! Yes, I have children and yes, they are boys!

So… after much internal reminiscing from the Little Creatures brewing team, the popular seasonal release from way back in 2011, Little Creatures Dreadnought, has been ‘sequelled’ and released as the 2015 Return of the Dread. Taking great inspiration from the original 7.4% beast of a stout, the Return of the Dread is a sequel to be celebrated and relished. It’s dark as Danny Russo’s slicked back locks, rich as Harrison Ford (whatever happened to Mark Hamill anyway) and as intense as Buzz’s rescue mission for his BFF Woody! This beer seeps dark cacao chocolate and molasses, which along with an extra burst of abv, ensures that just one is not quite enough… the follow up is required.

It’s Rodriguez’s dulcet tones and Sugar Man; it’s then Sugar Man remixed which is just as cool in it’s own clubby way; it’s Georgia Alice’s 2015 version of cropped flares, Cameo Collective’s Warm Water Top and Senso’s Gia V lace up ballet flats, which I’m sure I had a pair of when I was eight and I loved them just as much back then!


24th August, 2015


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