La Sirene: Wild Saison

Walk on the Wild Side / Punk meets Pretty: Zara ripped jeans, Allanah Hill Coat, Wittner flats / Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side, pucker up for a big kiss of the wild, unruly brettanomyces yeast strain and relish in the feeling of playing on Unconventional Street. Delighting in the different and suffering no fools, palates require fine-tuning and minds re-setting. This beer is wildly free rather than uncultured or barbaric, exuding a slick funkiness, tart fruitiness and some rather intriguing and beguiling…. farminess. The La Sirene Wild Saison is taking on barnyard rejoicing in celebration, whilst winemakers suffer this crazy, untamed, delightful wild, wild yeast.

It’s unconventional, pretty meets punk meets pretty, Zara jeans (home ripped), Wittner animal print flats and Alannah Hill coat. It works when it shouldn’t, it’s free-spirited, it’s ahead of its time, it’s an eclectic Lou Reed cover ‘walking on the wild side’.


Photos by Tania Gray


19th May, 2014


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