Holgate Brewhouse: Temptress Double Chocolate Porter

It’s What Dreams are Made of / Trip the Dark Fantastic: Charlie Brown: coat, Saba: black skinnies, Witchery: black heels / London Grammar: Interlude / Alex Perry

Let this temptress play the part she was born for as she lures you in, elbow-length black silk gloves leading you towards the black carpet, its path taking you to your own private heaven. Holgate’s Temptress is an alluring decadence, resistance is futile. It’s ice-skating on a frozen lake at night, with the full moon’s beams shimmering softly on the smooth surface. She whispers softly in your ear, teasing you in your anticipation of the cocoa notes of a slowly melting rich chocolate ice cream, spiced sweetly with vanilla, cocooned in smooth, mousse-like sensory perfection…. Created with love for the dreamy romantics amongst us.

It’s what dreams are made of. It’s elegant, sophisticated and wrapped in black, ready for the cool hints of a winter’s eve. It’s a Charlie Brown coat, Saba black skinnies and Witchery heels; the melodic, warming vocals of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid. It’s the smooth, exquisite lines of Alex Perry’s dresses.


Photos by Tania Gray


12th May, 2014


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