Cavalier Brewing: Brown Ale

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Geeky Hipster / H&M Checks and Patches / Fox: S-S-Single Bed / Art Mashup

Supreme perfection and sublime elegance meets urban hipster and understated cool. Can one beer really be so many things? It’s a bit like the slightly geeky guy in high school who you reluctantly ended being paired up with in the science lab. Whilst there was always the upmost inner respect for his intelligence, it wasn’t until you dug a little deeper that you realised he was actually quite handsome in a quirky kind of way, and was wittier than any other guy in the room. It’s this ability of having the grace to be able to effortlessly flirt between the technical excellence and the freedom of the bohemian that makes the Brown Ale from Cavalier so damn amazing. This beer is worthy of the praise it receives; its silky smooth chocolate vein pumps through the subtle citrus hop-infusion, resting softly on a roasted single bed of goodness.

It’s the groovy beat of S-S-Single Bed, smooth, cool and funky, particularly if you can time the double clap perfectly (that’s the geeky!). It’s a blend, a mesh… an art mashup. It’s H&M patchwork jeans and an oversize flanny in hipsterville, Smith St, Collingwood.


Photos by Tania Gray


30th May, 2014


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