Bridge Road Brewers: Chevalier Saison

Left of Centre / Mixed prints / Lana Del Ray: Radio / Robert Hagan

Convention is boring…. normal is uninspiring. The Bridge Road Brewer’s Chevalier Saison takes you down the path less trodden, where those with curious minds delve and are rewarded for their inquisitiveness. A farmhouse seasonal ale, the style originating in the fields of Belgium and brewed to perfection in Beechworth, this is an impeccable saison rich in funky, tarty fruitiness and barnyard rusticity, which comfortably sits outside the square and shifts the paradigm.

It’s a mixed palate… stripes and prints that logically shouldn’t complement but in reality contrast towards an unconventional harmony. Offbeat but beautiful… it’s Lana del Ray at lunch… because f*^k (sorry mum!) really shouldn’t be heard at the dining table. It’s a Robert Hagan hitched up dress, playing in the sea, the hem soaking up the foam… carefree playfulness.


Photos by Tania Gray


23rd May, 2014


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