7 Sleeps til Christmas: Mash Brewing Co Berliner Weisse Series

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I am not a collector… I had friends who were collectors, but never me. Growing up, one of my BFF’s collected miniature perfume bottles and she was so devout in her gathering of uniquely formed, wonderfully scented little vials, that she had a special display shelf built in her bedroom allowing each bottle its own space to shine and entice. I loved this mini exhibition and was secretly jealous of what she had achieved, though I just couldn’t ever see myself ever achieving that level of single-minded focus and extreme patience to search out and amass such a wondrous congregation of varieties of the one theme. There was upkeep and maintenance involved in these scents, it was not a collection for the faint-hearted and involved a weekly polish of every, teeny, micro-version of it’s parent bottle.

Why are some people collectors and others not? Is it the thrill of the hunt… the ability to proudly display your extraordinary efforts, the holding on to a moment in time? I can’t really say… I’ve never done it. Though for those that know me, you may disagree. I know that as soon as you enter my front door, you are greeted with a fairly sizeable display of beer bottles (and cans!), in all shapes and sizes and all colours and designs. I guess this could be called a collection though I don’t see it that way. I am not beholden to my beer bottles, rather I use them to recollect and reminisce about occasions where that particular beer played a role. When I move, I don’t take the bottles with me… instead, I start from afresh, assembling new memories with each and every vessel.

I do enjoy a series however and the Mash Brewing Co’s series of Berliner Weisse beers is pure genius. As I am typing, it’s about 35C and this is the exact style of beer I want to be reaching for on a day like today. Low in alcohol and high in refreshment, there are now 5 brews in the series… they have even packaged the beers with collectible swing tags as labels. They are funky, fruity, fabulous and frightfully fulfilling. Apples, berries, grapes, berries, cola and elderflower are just some of the additions to their base Berliner Weisse, the Wizz Fizz (version II is now out).

It’s a sparkly, mood-lifting tart, crisp brew perfectly paired to the clear, crisp and throaty tones of Ellie Goulding and the rainbow flowing Fleur Wood skirt. It’s a collectible worth collecting… who knows, anything could happen!

It’s only a week until Christmas!!





18th December, 2015


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