5 Sleeps til Christmas: 4 Pines Red Rye IPA

The Spirit of Christmas / The Fifth Watches / Neil Diamond / Holly Holy

5 more sleeps and we are all channeling our best Christmas spirit… that is unless you have left your shopping to the last minute (yep, that’s me) and you have to battle with hordes of panic stricken consumers, pushing their trolleys around the shopping centres like dodgem cars no matter who or what the casualty. Consumerism at its best.

We recently moved into a new neighbourhood and I have actually been witness to a display of surprisingly delightful Christmas spirit…. Residents from a few of the beautiful tree-lined streets have, as a group, come together and tied the most gorgeous taffeta ribbons around each of the trees… it’s incredibly magical and if you squint you could imagine there might just be some miniature elves, laughing and hiding in the branches, ready to sprinkle magic Christmas dust on you as you wander through their enchanted forest.

In this high state of festivity and good spiritedness, it’s only appropriate that tonight’s beer is red and spicy, a little like some of the Santa’s we have all encountered over the years… you know the ones. Whilst rye is mostly associated with distilling bourbon in the deep south of the US of A, it’s also a great addition to beer…. infact, it’s a RRIPA (see what I did there) alternative to 100% barley malt, especially in this style of a West Coast Red Rye IPA by 4 Pines Brewery. Fresh, banging fragrant West Coast US hops and super peppery malts fuse with impeccable delight.

It’s the upbeat, perfectly balanced tone of the legendary Neil Diamond cranking out the very spiritual Holly Holy live (turn up to full!)… it’s 5 sleeps til Christmas and The Fifth watches, available for purchase on only the 5th of each month. It’s the magic of Christmas.





20th December, 2015


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