3 Sleeps til Christmas: La Sirene Saison

As Nature Intended / Zaliah Fringe Skirt / Related Karina Blouse / Sia / My Love

I adore where brewing is today… a divine partnership of ancient tradition and innovation… swaying together seamlessly and creating the extraordinary. This is why I love beer… why my soul is moved by beer… why I insist on being one of many beer crusaders.

Beer has a history, a very, very long history that involves nomadic civilisations who upon the accidental discovery of this great beverage, completely altered their way of life and as such, created the beginnings of a civilised society. Beer has been used as a form of payment, as a way of ensuring fasting monks were sustained during their periods of abstinence and has provided a safe method of re-hydration in times when drinking water was unpotable.

It is a wonderfully natural product; water, malt, hops and yeast is all that is required to create the magic that is beer. Raw grains and hops are harvested by passionate and dedicated farmers whilst yeast strains are delicately maintained by experienced microbiologists prior to being utilised by the breweries. Yeast is certainly the workhorse and without it… well, that heady feeling of alcohol that was first experienced by a lucky Sumerian, would never have occurred.

It was nature at its best… wild ancient airborne yeast leveraging innovation in a crude loaf of water soaked bread and creating, spontaneously, beer. At La Sirene their utilisation of their local environment is something to behold… genius in their pursuit of creating wildly fermented beers… they are letting mother nature run wild and free, untamed and unrestrained. Their Saisons will tempt any palate into beer, treating all with respect and offering up a treasured sip from the seasonal cup that is a saison.

It’s the swish of the Zaliah fringed skirt, swaying in the breeze, the freshness of the Related Karina blouse both perfectly harmonising with the raw emotive voice of Sia… it’s My Love… is the La Sirene Saison… it’s Beer.




22nd December, 2015


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