12 Sleeps til Christmas – Knappstein Reserve Lager

Little Star / Waven Denim Dress / The Fifth Watch / Stina Nordenstam

As the 12 days of Christmas officially starts the day after Christmas, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite brews that have made their way into my fridge and are chilling down to the perfect temperature in anticipation to help distract me during the count down until Christmas. Sleep #12 is accompanied by the refreshingly delightful Knappstein Reserve Lager.

Lagers can get a pretty bad rap among beer devotees with their clean, crisp and refreshing attributes for some, not offering up enough of a hit. Those disciples of good beer, of which I include myself, are often self-confessed flavour junkies, looking for the next, mind-blowing, wow moment… and there simply is nothing better than the absolute surprise and delight that can flow from an exceptionally crafted, characterful brew.

Whilst lagers have tended to be the domain of the mainstream, we should never take away from the fact that there really is nowhere to hide when producing these bottom-fermenting clean, crisp and approachable brews.  Lager does not ever have to mean devoid of flavour and there are some incredible examples of finely constructed, tasty lagers in Australia.

It’s no secret that Knappstein Reserve Lager is one of my favourite Australian lagers… it’s one of the little stars. It’s fresh NZ grown Nelson Sauvin hops shimmer delightfully against a backdrop of refreshment that is thankfully doing its duty on this 29C day in Melbourne … it’s a cool, casual Waven denim dress… it’s a The Fifth Watch (which can only be purchased on the fifth of each month!)… it’s Stina Nordenstam’s sweet and light tone cooling you down like an oasis in the desert.

Sleep well everyone… watch this space for #11!


13th December, 2015


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