11 Sleeps til Christmas – Wicked Elf Porter

A Private Escape / Ellery Tunic / One Teaspoon Cropped Denim / Higher Love / James Vincent McMorrow

Does it feel like the holidays have already started for anyone else? Realising it is still just under 2 weeks away until the big day, this week really feels like Christmas is in the air. This is the week that many offices are winding up and closing the door on 2015, the staff Christmas parties are ensuring venues across town are bursting at the seams with joyous revellers and the streets are just that little bit less congested as those that can make that quick escape… have.

Speaking of escapes, the beer I am drinking tonight is always guaranteed to steal you away to your own personal great escape. After a long day, when it’s finally your time to catch your breath and ponder on what was and what will be, the Wicked Elf Porter’s luxurious aroma truly enlightens and awakens your senses. It’s a beer that draws you in and wraps its silky smooth arms around you, gracefully lifting you to your own higher place. Vanilla flows through the veins of the rich mocha accents in this robust Porter and the extra brush of alcohol, sweeps across your cheeks, leaving a gratifying rosy glow.

It’s the dulcet tones of James Vincent McMorrow crooning us with Higher Love, it’s your own private escape, it’s the billowing trademark of Ellery, the soft, fit like a glove One Teaspoon cropped jeans.. it’s the Wicked Elf Robust Porter and it’s delightful.

Sleep tight!


14th December, 2015


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