10 Sleeps til Christmas: Holgate Brewhouse Norton Lager

Sweet Sentiment / Cameo Collective Seasons Change top / One Teaspoon jeans / Bastille Tuning Out

Christmas is definitely a time for nostalgia and being a little sentimental… it’s that time of year, regardless of religious beliefs or santa beliefs that gives everyone that sense of space to stop, inhale the mince pies and take stock.

I am not hugely sentimental, more the practical type, but there are definitely things that can reach into the depths of my softer side every now and then… the Holgate Norton Lager and the story that this beer is built around is definitely one of those things. Paul Holgate, owner of Holgate Brewhouse, is a legend in his own right and it seems he owes much of who he is to his dad. Paul’s dad features on the label of this beer, which has taken its inspiration from an original black and white photo of his mum and dad cruising around England on their beloved Norton motorcycle. Firstly… the bike itself is incredibly cool, but so was, based on what Paul has told me, his dad. A risk-taker, an incredible handy man and a get on and do it kind of guy, Paul owes much of his inspiration to his old man. This beer is a glorious, full of sentiment nod to Paul’s dad.

It’s also a cracker of beer brewed for everyone. It’s a beer to kick off Christmas day and seal the celebrations at the other end. It’s channeling some of that cool 60’s vibe in One Teaspoon ripped jeans and Cameo Collective‘s Seasons Change top. It’s Bastille’s unique spin on a classic Christmas carol. It’s a beer that’s bigger than the liquid inside the bottle… it’s sentiment and gratitude… both of which is what we really should be channeling throughout the madness that can be Christmas.

Cheers to you Paul, the Norton Lager & your Dad!



15th December, 2015


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