1 Sleep til Christmas: Red Hill Brewery Christmas Ale

Christmas is Community : Beer is Community / Maurie & Eve / Olivie Dress / Kardashian Kollection Shoes / Drive By Truckers / Mrs Claus' Kimono

It Christmas tomorrow!! The final sleep and the excitement in our house is palpable. I have already been warned that I will be woken up at some ridiculous hour forced (with love and gratitude) downstairs to find out what delights Santa has left under the Christmas tree.

There is so much anticipation and expectation around this one day of the year, but me personally, I believe Christmas is much more than the actual day. Whilst we miss out on the picture perfect, Hallmark card white Christmas, I love Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere as it offers the perfect combination of not only the festive season, but also the summer holidays all wrapped up in one bright and shiny sun-drenched package. It’s the season of catching up with friends in the backyard, at the beach and the atmospheric, convivial beer gardens/rooftops of good beer venues. It’s the traditional season for beer… the time when the incredible refreshability that only beer can offer is embraced by even those who may not consider themselves as beer drinkers. If only I had a dollar for everyone that told me they weren’t beer drinkers, apart from on a really hot summer’s day…

This post however is not about whether you are or aren’t a beer drinker but rather an opportunity to reflect on some of the wonderful friendships I have made through the incredible beer community that I genuinely feel blessed to be a part of. Whilst I don’t get to anywhere near as many breweries, venues, events as I would like to (my two sons can smell a brewery a mile away!), when I do manage to extract myself from work and the little ones and dip my toe into a wherever may be serving or brewing great beer, the kindness I receive when I run into a familiar ‘beer face’ is heartwarming. I have been shown incredible generosity and guidance, support and encouragement. For that I am absolutely grateful and love being part of this beer community that extends beyond Australia.

The Red Hill Brewery are one of my longest standing brewery friendships which has developed into a relationship that sees our families hanging out and occasionally holidaying together. Their beers are as full of fun and laughter as owners, Karen & Dave’s personalities and when I spoke to them about using their Christmas Ale for this countdown, the beer was packed up and with me within 2 days. I love the term, ‘fresh from the brewery’ and the 2015 Christmas Ale is just that.

It’s full of Christmas cheer, rich in Christmas spice and flowing in Christmas indulgence… as it should be. It’s dressing up for lunch in Maurie & Eve’s Olivie Dress finished off with my shoes of 2015, the Kardashian Kollection heels. It’s Drive By Truckers coz that’s the song the Goldings chose for their beer! It’s Christmas in a glass, it’s good beer and good beer people.

Merry Christmas to one and all… here’s cheers to the great beers we have available to us.

See you in 2016 x




24th December, 2015


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